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September Highlights from the Wolfpack

Wow! What an amazing start to the year for Artist in Residence sponsored activities.  The Juniors and Seniors traveled to Vietgone at the Ricketson Theatre in Denver. The feedback from the students and teachers has been incredible! A powerful true story of love, war, loss, and humanity.
Your support of the program through cookie dough purchases and donations make it all possible. This year the students raised approximately $3,200 that goes directly toward paying our artists, purchasing materials as needed, or purchasing tickets for our students to attend performances like those offered by the Denver Center for Performing Arts.  In addition to the small prizes offered for selling that go to each student, the top two sales people in each class will receive gifts certificates to use
at the Book Fair in October. They are as follows:
Kindergarten:  Elliot Louthan and Booker Kite
1st Grade: Bailey Wudtke and Emmerson Brittain
2nd Grade: Blake Hardwick and Beckett Kite
3rd Grade: Trace Wieser and Taylor Towns
4th Grade: Alayna Bullock and tied for second, Andrea Gonzales and Gissel Ornelas
5th Grade: Trista Richards and Ty Minor
6th Grade: Ty Mari and Wyatt Wudtke
Our top two individual sales people are: Alayna Bullock and Trace Wieser. Our class with the greatest percentage of participation is Ms. Olofson’s 2nd grade with over 80% participating.  The class that sold the most cookie dough was Mrs. Heath’s 5th grade class with total sales of $1938.00 or an average of $215 for each person who participated.
October Artists in Residence will be welcoming the Cherry Creek Art Events and Education Mobile Art Cart and printmaking artist Shaina Belton to our school on October 10th. She will be working with our elementary students and high school art students to introduce them to the wonders of printmaking.
Remember cookie dough will be delivered October 4.  The school does not have the freezer space to be able to store all the cookie dough, so please plan on picking up your child’s order that morning.  As each class order is filled, you will receive text letting you know your child’s order is ready to go. Go to your child’s classroom to pick it up. Thank you for your continued support through sales, purchases, and donations. Submitted by Cyndie Weyerman, Artists in Residence Director
   The FBLA Chapter had two major events last month. On September 5, recruitment of new members was held. New and current members along with some of the other students, all gathered together for pizza and a fun game of kickball. After the game, all the new members joined in learning and singing The Colorado FBLA song, which they also had to sing when they were installed on the 11th . The officer team recited some lines, and became official officers, and the new members took their vows, and received their membership cards. They closed the ceremony with the song, which didn’t exactly earn a standing ovation, but was enough for them to pass and be officially part of the Idalia FBLA chapter. Submitted by Hannah Carpenter, Reporter
Summer is a time for all the parts of learning to take a rest and recharge, but now that we are a full month into our new school year, the elementary end of Idalia is cranking along and getting our gears back in place.
Kinderland is starting the year just learning what this school thing is all about. Along with that, we are busy building our foundation of knowledge by learning our sounds and numbers to become life-long readers and mathematicians.
First grade is busy remembering how to make all the working parts of learning move together. We start AR in first grade, which means reading many more books on our own. Writing is also more challenging because we are learning how to use transition and time words to help transform our thoughts from a collection of sentences into actual flowing stories. One fun science experiment we’ve done is “Walking Water” where we watched water move between cups and change colors!
The second grade bunch is learning about numbers through measurement. We our also building our understanding of stories we read. Our first writing project is personal narratives so we are working on telling stories about our fabulous selves.
Third grade is a big shift in gears with many new moving parts in our school journey. We learn how to write in cursive and we start both multiplication and division. For science, we are increasing our understanding about animals and plants.
Down in fourth and fifth grade, the parts of learning move almost like a well-oiled machine once we work out the summer kinks. Fourth graders get the responsibility of learning about flag etiquette and raising and lowering the flag each day. We also spend the year uncovering Colorado history and the many remarkable things that have happened in our beautiful state. In fifth grade we have the responsibility of being the “big kids”! We partnered with Kindergarten the first week of school as morning helpers to guide all the little learners to where they needed to be. We’ve also completed a building challenge using spaghetti noodles, improved our writing skills learning about five different types of topic sentences, and discovered more about the earth and plate tectonics.
And so much more! If you enter our end of the building, you may see a lot of vibrant commotion, but the gears of knowledge are turning out a masterpiece of thinkers and learners. It’s a great time to be a Wolf!
On Wednesday, September 19, the freshman class took a trip to Brush for our first FFA Conference. This was the BIG Conference. While we were there we did many fun things! There were State FFA officers speak-ing to us about how important it is to plan your future.
When we first entered the building there were two FFA officers making a blue or purple mark on our hand. This meant that there was a blue and purple team. The officers showed us a video of what could be helping to make our career success. After the video the FFA members made us go into different workshops.
When we got to our workshop we had to use paper and pencil to draw what our future would look like after we retired and what we want. They told us that we need to plan our future and we need to start doing the things that might help us in the future with our career. After that, we had to meet new people and tell them what was on our paper.  We learned about career and leadership, and what could help with those two. After that, we made an equation of our life. Then we made a balance of our life.
Our class had a great time and each got a t-shirt. It was a new learning experience and we liked that we got to meet people in our area that joined FFA. Also, we really enjoyed the fact that FFA officers interacted with us.  Submitted by Priscilla Cordova, FFA Member

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