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A Busy September for the Wolfpack

FBLA Calendar Sales
For the month of September, the Idalia FBLA Chapter officers and seniors traveled  to Idalia, Burlington, St. Francis, and Wray. Members were in two groups—one headed towards Wray and St. Francis and the other to Burlington. The groups went into local business asking if they would like their ad to be featured on the calendar that is distributed throughout Idalia. Burlington, Wray, and St. Francis as well. Like always, the members returned back with many ads to go on the calendar. Thank you for your support.
After attending the BIG conference in Brush, Colorado on September, 20, 2017, the green-hands of Idalia, CO were thoroughly impressed with the workshop overall. Some of the activities that we enjoyed were working as a team to lift a tennis ball onto a narrow PVC pipe and passing the hula-hoop around a huge circle of people. We learned that teamwork is very important. The main idea of the workshop was to be dauntless. We learned that dauntless means fearless, and they related being dauntless to planes. To conclude this article the BIG conference was very educational.
Environmental Science Class Visits the Republican River  
   Eight students accompanied Mrs. Minor to the Republican River Monday, September 18, for a riparian and aquatic field study.  The class had been studying ecosystems, food webs, and energy use by organisms.  
   After a brief picnic on the riverbank, we set off in our boots, wading in the shallow, but still flowing river.  Students discovered minnows, darters, shiners, leeches, carp, crawdads, and bullfrogs in the river, as well as a garter snake, dragonflies, a lizard, toads, and several duck species flew by.  We explored about a mile of the river upstream, then turned around.  
   Although the trip was short, we still discovered that while the river is not very deep (some places it flowed over the tops of our boots!!), it is still teeming with life.
   Right after finishing the CROP Hunger Walk, IYCS members Chelby Dull, Megan Waitman, Breann Shaffer, Maddisen Hoyda, Aubrey Richards, and Brian Jimenez, with the help of Kelli Kite, worked all afternoon to continue to stain the gazebo behind the greenhouse. IYCS has been working during the summer to clean up and restore the area around the greenhouse. They’ve pulled weeds, cleaned, planted, and stained the gazebo
   The Idalia School year was followed by athletic activities!  The high school volleyball girls welcomed a new assistant coach, Audrey Sayles.  The Lady Wolves started off their first home game against St. Francis. It was a  tough loss but the girls are showing improvement each game. 
   The high school football boys started their season with a win against Hi-Plains/Flagler. They have had three other games but came up short.
   On the junior high side of things, Coach Higley stated “The junior high boys are coming together as a team. They really played well against Stratton and Lone Star. They have shown improvement these last  two weeks and coaches are very excited to see how they will finish their season!”
  On to junior high volleyball, Coach Chamberlain stated that “The junior high volleyball season is off to a great start! With 19 girls on the team, we are able to have 3 different squads, and each group is working hard and getting better daily. It’s hard to believe that the season is already at its mid-point, but the girls definitely have lots to celebrate! With wins over Bethune. HP/Flagler and Stratton/Liberty the girls are sitting in 1st place in the junior high standings. However, nothing is guaranteed, and the girls will have to continue to work hard and keep fixing little things to win their tournament on October 23rd! In the girls’ words, “We are a family. Each day we push ourselves and our team to get better.”
Physics Egg Drop
   Once again, CHS personnel traveled to the top of the Idalia CHS tower to drop off our first physics project of the year.  Megan and Breann’s device took top honors -the only one that didn’t crack.  It wasn’t much to look at (it looked like they had stolen a lower leg walking cast from a toddler), but hey, it worked.  One group had great faith in their modified toilet paper roll (after successfully dropping it off various farm buildings), however, it resulted in a yolk shower.  Some amazing designs showed up, some that resembled Leonard da Vinci’s helicopter, but its cargo also met its demise upon landing.  Thanks again to CHS for their assistance with this educational endeavor!
Wolf Paw Painting
Idalia FBLA  members demonstrated their painting skills by repainting the wolf paws that are on main street leading up to the school in the preparation for Homecoming Week 2017. Good Job FBLA!

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