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A Busy November for the Wolfpack

1st Grade
Mrs. Wudtke and her 1st graders are wrapping up the first semester quickly. The students are currently learning about the importance of Thanksgiving. They are also learning about the Mayflower.
2nd Grade
Ms. Olofson, Mrs. Crossland and their 2nd Graders have created a Thanksgiving activity. Disguise a turkey has been one of the kids favorite projects, and they all did an amazing job! Submitted by Jacey Jones, Publications Student
6th Grade
The 6th Grade PE Class and Mrs. Chamberlain are participating in many different activities. Currently they are working on their Jump Rope for Goal, and after Christmas will be starting up on basketball.
On Monday, November 20, FBLA freshmen, traveled to Dynamic Dimensions Inc. in Burlington. DDI is a non-profit organization that provides training, advocacy, job placement, and community involvement with disabilities in a normal environment based on consumer needs and choices. Members helped by volunteering to box the Thanksgiving baskets that are handed out to families for the holiday. The Idalia FBLA Chapter also donated the canned and boxed goods that were collected on October 29. Submitted by Brian Jimenez, FBLA Secretary/Reporter
The freshmen students participated in the Creed Speaking Contest on November 14, 2017, at 6:30 p.m. There were three categories that the students participated in. The students who will be competing at the District level are Brandy Henrickson and Alexandria Sloan (Creed Speaking), Chelby Dull and Aubrey Richards (Prepared Speaking), and Dax Towns (Extemporaneous).  Submitted by Jacey Jones, Publications Student
Honor Band
Last Friday, November 17, Brandy Henrickson, Alli Rice, and Dawn Rice were selected to be a part of the Eastern Colorado Honor Band in January. Honorable mention to Kavan Smith, Zandi Sloan, Rex Fell, Julian Perez, and Catherine Shandy for auditioning as well. Submitted by Johanna Caron, Music Teacher
Honor Choir 
On November 2, 2017, Anna Garton traveled to Bennett High School for Eastern Colorado Honor Choir. She was selected to be part of this choir after auditioning in September. While there she spent the day working on music with more than 50 other middle and high school singers from across the eastern part of the state. Their clinicians were very knowledgeable and helped the choir grow and work together to create beautiful sounds. After working on their music all day they performed their music at the concert held in the auditorium. Congratulations to Anna for her hard work, dedication, and a job well done at Honor Choir. Submitted by Johanna Caron, Music Teacher
New Hydration Station Installed 
Idalia Health & Wellness Committee is proud to feature a new hydration station in the cafeteria, next to the ice machine. Now students, staff, and athletes alike can fill (and refill) their personal water bottles, saving disposable plastic bottles, and encouraging water consumption. This filtered water is cold & tastes great! This big achievement would not be possible without generous grants from the Idalia Visions Foundation and the Idalia Lions Club, along with installation provided by High Plains Plumbing & Heating.
Operation Gratitude a HUGE Success!
Idalia students in grades K-5 participated in the 3rd Annual Operation Gratitude candy donation contest this year. Over 71 POUNDS of candy was donated by generous students, with the 2nd grade class being the winners with a record gift of 24.6 pounds! The Idalia Health & Wellness Committee would like to thank Wray Ace Hardware for donating the collection buckets, the Idalia Girl Scout Troop 82008 for weighing all the candy, and Dr. Melvin Dunn, Dr. Garrett Huck, and Dr. Jeffrey Waterhouse for sharing in the cost of shipping 5 boxes of donated candy to our service members serving overseas. MANY THANKS TO ALL WHO SUPPORT THIS ENDEAVOR! Submitted by Lynne Cody
Ping Pong Launcher
The physics class was assigned to create ping pong launchers! Students had to aim for accuracy and distance. The launchers were aimed into a pumpkin. The ping pong launchers were all unique. One was even created from a Pringles can. For distance, the winners included Megan Waitman and Daniel Perez. They had a distance of 9.5 meters. The accuracy winners were Breann Shaffer and Crystal Cordova. Next up, the students have to create a 30 second timer! 
Idalia 8th Graders Travel to Space Foundation Discovery Center in Colorado Springs
On Tuesday, October 24, nineteen 8th graders traveled to Colorado Springs to spend the afternoon at the Space Foundation Discovery Center.  The all-expenses paid trip was part of a scholarship award that middle school science teacher Kristi Minor applied for in August. 
The students were treated to a presentation of “Science On A Sphere”, which is a projection screen shaped like a sphere and uses 4 projectors to project a 3D image of each of the planets in our solar system.  Using still photographs and video data from Voyager II, scientists have been able to create colored images of the surfaces of the inner planets and the atmospheres of the outer “gas giants”.  They can even tilt the image to show what the pole areas of the planets look like.
Upon finishing up with “Science On A Sphere”, the students were directed to the activity center, where they created a scaled, “Playdoh” model of the planets in our solar system.  After cutting, combining, and cutting the balls of dough, again and again, the model finally emerged.  Students were amazed seeing the sizes of the planets relative to each other.  I think they were surprised to see how small Earth really is compared to the outer planets!  And, just how small Neptune and dwarf planet Pluto are compared to all the other planets!!
After finishing their solar system models, the students used iPads to go on a scavenger hunt through the space museum, using clues and multiple choice questions to earn game points.
Prior to leaving I was complimented on how much the presenters enjoyed our students.  They were well-mannered, attentive, and asked thoughtful questions. 
Mrs. Minor is grateful to our staff and parents for allowing students to participate in this trip.  Although it was a long day, we all look forward to returning in the near future.  Submitted by Kristi Minor, Science Teacher
Wind Trip
High School sophomores and juniors attended a Wind Energy Field Trip to Sterling, Colorado, on November 10.  Students first met with Clay Blankenship, Manager of the EDF-Energie de France wind site at Peetz, Colorado, and Jim Lenzen, Director of Renewable Energy at Northeastern Junior College. Students engaged in a question/answer forum along with a tour of NJC's Wind Turbine and Industrial Systems shop.
Later in the afternoon, Tyson Ramseier, Site Management for Colorado Highlands Wind located in Fleming, Colorado, presented the site's SCADA (data operations) systems, and shop facilities. Ramseier demonstrated the use and safety of a climbing harness used by wind technicians. Students were able to view an actual wind turbine start up as well as enter the inside base of a wind turbine. Colorado Highlands Wind has 56 GE wind turbines and the capacity to power approximately 31,000 homes. Wind energy is currently the 3rd fastest growing occupation in the U.S. Both Clay Blankenship and Tyson Ramseier are former Idalia High School graduatesSubmitted by Sherri Ramseier, Paraprofessional





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