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September Highlights from the Wolfpack!

On September 9, both 7-12 grade students and their parents received an education on online safety. Virgie Nelson, Sterling Police Department Youth Services Coordinator, presented Cyber-Sovereign, a program designed to teach families about the importance of responsibility and caution in social media use. Parents and kids alike found the information eye-opening and engaging. A big thank you to Virgie for making the long trip to teach our community online safety! Submitted by Lynne Cody



Freshman FFA members participated in the Greenhand Workshop hosted at Idalia with other FFA members from our district. Our district includes chapters from Liberty, Arickaree, Flagler, Hi-Plains and Woodlin. The District officers put on a great workshop for students to learn more about the FFA as well as get to know students in FFA from our area. Submitted by Morgan Reese, FFA Adviser



The Idalia Health and Wellness Committee is pleased to report that the project of the hydration stations has been an overwhelming success. Students, staff, community members, and visitors have all been actively utilizing the two stations. We have seen an increase in water consumption within the school because of the ease of filling personal water bottles using the sanitary auto filler and the better taste using the filtered system. Our first system was installed at the beginning of November, 2017 and is still going strong saving 28,928 bottles of water as of September 3. Our second station was installed in the JH/HS end in August, 2019 and has saved 120 bottles of water so far. Not only has this project met the goals of our students and staff increasing water intake by means of a more sanitary unit, but has helped the environment by the reduction of disposable water bottles. We could not have made this project successful without support from the Northeast Colorado Health Department, Idalia School, the Gerber Grant, and Brandi and Jesse Jones. Thank you for your contribution. Submitted by Jessica Towns



The Idalia Physics class were put up to the test when they had to come up with a design that weighed less than 500 grams in which an egg provided by Mrs. Soehner was dropped off CHS’s grain elevator. The students’ job was to make sure that their design would allow the egg to not break during the hard fall. Three out of the six groups succeeded. Submitted by Brisa Perez, Physics Student



The Idalia FBLA has been involved in two events this month. Their first project was painting the Main Street wolf paws followed by the CTSO Leadership Kickoff. Wolf paw painting was held on September 7, 2019, when members met on Richards Street, also known as Main Street, to paint the wolf paws that led to the school. Twenty-three members painted the paws. Members were Aubrey Richards, Hannah Carpenter, Brisa Perez, Talon Glanz, Cloey Jones, Brandy Henrickson, Macy Richards, Porscha Jacobs, Priscilla Cordova, Camren Morris, Marek Cody, Yahir Enriquez, Titus Glanz, Adriana Herrera, Tara Hubbard, Dawn Rice, Koy Smith, Kylie Wingfield, Alma Cordova, Naidelin Estrada, Tyler Hall, Alyssa Jones, and Allison Rice. After several gallons of paint, the wolf paws and the Idalia School logo have been painted ready for all to see.
The second event was the CTSO Leadership Kickoff on September 10 at the JeffCo Fairgrounds in Golden, Colorado. Six members including Aubrey Richards, Brisa Perez, Brandy Henrickson, Porscha Jacobs, Priscilla Cordova, and Camren Morris attended the event. Members rotated through leadership stations that taught them about how to get members involved in events, how to spread the word about chapter activities through social media, and how to teach important life skills in a manner that excites members. After lunch, the Idalia members delved deeper into the meaning of leadership along with how to apply ideas, motivation, and connection to the chapter to bring it to a new level. With the diversity brought by the multiple organizations attending, these FBLA members learned, connected, and grew in their leadership ability. These are the begin of the adventures and learning experiences that the Future Business of America Idalia Chapter will participate in this year. Submitted by: Brandy Henrickson, Secretary/Reporter



On September 23, a group of students took advantage of their day off from school and traveled to Fort Collins where they visited both CSU and Front Range Community College. The students enjoyed touring both campuses as they begin to explore and consider options following their graduation from Idalia. Submitted by Myles Johnson, Superintendent



Even our teachers are sometimes students! Idalia School District began upgrading classrooms with 75" interactive flat panels to enhance the students' learning experiences. Caiti Jones traveled to Idalia Monday, September 23, from Sacramento, California, to train members of our staff on all the exciting features and applications this technology brings to our students. The staff is excited to begin integrating this technology into their classrooms!
Caiti is an education specialist for Promethean, who is the maker of the new 75" Interactive Flat Panels (IFP's) the school has begun installing in the classrooms to replace the outdated SmartBoards. The replacement cycle began this past spring and will continue over the next few years to bring the school up-to-date with our classroom technology.
Kristi Minor, Morgan Reese, Sue Heath, Rebekah Wieser, Danielle Olofson and Sandi Wudtke joined Caiti to learn the many exciting feature the IFP's have to offer to not only enhance the students' learning, but also help facilitate simple, yet effective means for our teachers to share interactive content & learning with our students. Among the many features of the IFP's, teachers will now have the ability to be linked directly to student Chromebooks during class. This allows students to share their work directly to the IFP and allows teachers to instantly send questions to the students' Chromebooks to receive instant feedback on student understand of the material. The staff is excited to begin utilizing this feature, and the many other features this new technology offers! Submitted by Mindy Richards and Cyndie Weyerman

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