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Physics Students Build Bridges

   Physics students got to try their hand at architecture and construction with the recent toothpick bridge project.  Bridges had to span a distance of 60cm and allow a Hot Wheels style car to drive over without any stunt driver maneuvers.  Students could use toothpicks, paper clips, and wood glue.  In addition, the bridges themselves could not weigh over 2.0 kilograms.   The minimum load bearing weight was 2.0 kilograms.  While a 1:1 weight to load ratio was all that was required, both Jennay Terrell and Luke Hull had ratios over 1:20!!  It took all the masses in the physics lab plus a . . . read more

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Celebra Alebrijes – A Celebration of Folk Art and Poetry

Celebra Alebrijes was a collaboration of energy and ideas with visual artist Tony Ortega guiding our 106 elementary students (K-5) to create Alebrijes, fantastic animals, from recycled materials, newspaper, and bold paint.  Beside him, Lisa Zimmerman, poet and creative writer, encouraged the students to use words to give life and voice to their creations and reveal the mystery of their origins.  Alma wrote, “Add a fear of big lions and whisper ‘leaves’ into its mouth.”  Ty said, “He smells . . . read more

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Valentine Order Form

  Valentine Order Form   read more

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