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September Highlights from the Wolfpack!

The Idalia High School along with 7th and 8th grade in the junior high had been sent home for remote learning from Tuesday, September 22, through Monday, September 28. With one reported coronavirus case in the high school, there were 31 students who have had potential exposure. According to the Northeast Colorado Health Department, there have been 91 total reported cases in Yuma County as of September 21, and zero deaths. Twenty-four of these 91 cases have been recorded from September 8-21. Idalia students with potential exposure were encouraged to self-quarantine until midnight September 28 as these students would have been exposed to the virus over a week ago. All extracurricular activities were cancelled for the week of September 21, and may continue at a later date. The 7-12 grades came back on Tuesday, September 29, and look forward to continuing in-person learning. Exact specifics in this article came from the Northeast Colorado Health Dept. Submitted by Kylie Wingfield
Not only do FBLA and FFA have chapter officers, the organizations also have district officers! Porscha Jacobs, Priscilla Cordova, and Tara Hubbard are all juniors and have been participating in extracurricular activities since their freshman year in high school. Throughout the years all three have shown lots of growth and passion for the organizations they participate in. All three ladies are involved with FBLA and FFA at the local level. Application procedures for applying for District officer are similar for both organizations. Students applying have to meet certain criteria, fill out the applications, get letters of recommendation, and interview. Both FBLA and FFA Districts are made up of 12-15 chapters. Porscha and Priscilla applied for District 3 FBLA Officer positions. Porscha was elected to serve as the District Vice President, and Priscilla will serve as the District Social Media Representative. On the FFA side of things, Tara and Priscilla both applied for District FFA officer positions as well. Tara was selected for the District Treasurer position, and Priscilla for the District Secretary. Congratulations ladies in receiving these District offices! Submitted by Camren Morris
The entire process of CHSAA and the state going back and forth on the decision for sports felt like a rollercoaster ride, but my understanding is new information kept coming to light so it was always back and forth. It’s been difficult to keep up to date with rumors/changes/guidelines and everything else they have sent out to schools and athletic directors. I think if you ask any athletic director in Colorado, no matter the years of experience, this year would be close to the most difficult and stressful for many of them. While most are glad football is finally happening, I can only imagine how the season will go and if it will make it the full duration. My hope is everyone does what they need to in order to keep the season going, and the state allows it to make it the full length. I’m confident we will do our part as a school and sports team to make it happen with anything that’s in our control. I’m also confident there won’t be a shortage of help for these games and I’m excited to see everyone at the games. The look and feel of the games are going to be different, but hopefully as close to normal as possible. There is a lot of different local regulation that could be put in place by the local health department or the school that could give each game its own unique challenges, but I’m hoping there will be some consistently across the state. CHSAA has come out and said that teams will be allowed in the building only to change and use the bathroom. We are going to limit this as much as possible and any area a team has been will have to be deep cleaned and sanitized following the game. No team is allowed to have meetings for pre or post game in any rooms and teams will have to stay in the endzones at halftime. There is also no coin toss at the beginning. Players and coaches on the sideline will have to wear a mask at all times and stay six feet apart as best as possible. In six-man football this won’t be as hard because of the low number of players, but rosters are limited to 50 for all classifications. As far as the schedule goes, I am just happy to have one and besides some travel, it’s not too bad. We currently have three league and three non-league games, with our non-league games sending us northwest. The games are confirmed with the schools, but once all schedules are set there won’t be enough officials to cover all the games, and I’m sure some will move to Saturday and possibly Thursday. I would have preferred to make our own schedule, but CHSAA didn’t feel like having us make a new football schedule for the third time. The season will be unlike any before, and all we can do at this point is play and wait for the next challenge of 2020. The full football schedule is on the school's website. Submitted by Colby Newton, Athletic Director
Camren Morris and Tara Hubbard are currently playing softball for the lady Wray Eagles. Camren Morris is a designated hitter for the team as she is a strong hitter while she practices catching. Tara Hubbard is a right fielder with a throwing arm and practicing shortstop. The lady Eagles are 2-8 right now. The schedule can be found on the Wray School District website. The next home game is October 2 vs. Wiley. The first game begins at 3:00.
Have you seen the news?! We’re not alone at school. In August three exchange students came to our school to spend the whole year in Idalia!! Vivian Tietz is from Hamburg, Germany; Rebecca Sbrozi from Milan, Italy; and Vanessa is from Rome, Italy. Vivian and Rebecca are living with Kevin and Jess Andrews, while Vanessa Venturi is staying with Justin and Talita Hardwick. They come from different parts of the world and are used to other reality. I can guarantee that moving from big cities to a little town like Idalia is a cultural shock at first, but are liking it so far and will fit well in the school! Let’s talk about the exchange students’ world to discover something about this choice. As everyone knows, exchange students are students that for three, six, or nine months decide to completely change their life moving to another country, staying with a new family, and learning more about the foreign language. In fact, learning a language at school and sitting in a classroom, is totally different! To learn a language better and all its aspects, you should immerse yourself in their world, live their life, and you will see that there are so many common saying and dialects that you can’t learn at school. As an exchange student, I’d say that your world is so different than mine, but I’m loving studying your subjects, some of them are similar but others are completely new for us such as horticulture, accounting... For you it’ll be weird, but in my native school we don’t stay at school until the afternoon for practice or to play a sport, and that’s a thing that I’m loving a lot because it’s also a way to stay in touch with people and make friends! I must add that it’s not always an easy life, of course, we’re so far from our family and friends that we miss them everyday, and sometimes it gets worse. Homesickness is something extremely personal and different for every person and it’s hard to deal with. But honestly, it’s absolutely worth it to stay here and to live this experience! Unfortunately, we’re having a pandemic, living with the virus is not easy and staying at home doing online lessons is something that no one would like to live through again, but we must think that it’s for our own good and one day we’ll restart our normal life without masks and social distancing. Remaining on the exchange students theme, I can say that for us it wasn’t easy either. Last March it was a nightmare for me, because I thought that I’ll never be able to come here. The situation was critic and dangerous, and I was in pain because on one side I was scared of the virus, for me and for my family, but on the other side I knew that in my heart I wanted leave. During quarantine, I continued to work on my exchange student profile, hoping that one day I would need it, and after three months I was still hoping for the best, even if the situation wasn’t improving. My whole family was concerned, and everyone was sure that I wouldn’t be able to leave; I was sad because this is an experience that we can do now that we’re in school, and I knew that I couldn't wait the next year. But I never lost my hope, and after a few months they told me that there was a small possibility...And now we’re here, and after all these months we can finally say that COVID-19 can’t stop us from living the best experience of our lives!! Even if I’ve just started this path, I can say that I would never go back— leaving my country and coming here was the best decision I could have made. I recommend everyone to do it once in a lifetime, because travelling is the most powerful experience that can help you challenging and discovering yourself. Submitted by Vanessa Venturi, Exchange Student
As we go through this pandemic, student organizations like FFA and FBLA will only allow members to participate virtually at the District and State level. What this means for the members is no traveling to conferences. This was mandated by CCCS at the State level. However, as a chapter we can still do activities at the local level. We just have to be more creative in how we are going to do them. Mrs. Terrell (FBLA Advisor) is hoping that we will still have fun in FBLA even though we are not allowed to travel. Already this year we have had a scavenger hunt around Idalia, and the chapter officers attended a virtual Fall Leadership Conference where they learned new leadership skills that they will share with the chapter. Our chapter is hoping that in this hard time we will still be able to prosper in our leadership growth through FBLA. Our goal is to build our leadership and build bonds within our chapter. Submitted by Raquel Lieurance, Idalia FBLA Member

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